Margaret Sunderland 

Founder and Expert Designer behind Sunderland Designs

Creating Beautiful Designs since 1992

Started in 1992 in Fairfield CT, Sunderland Designs has brightened the lives of well over a hundred client families with a range of design services from simply selecting just the right floral arrangement, antique armoire, or faux finish to kitchen or bath remodels and entire interior transformations. Margaret has helped clients in all phases of their home ownership from planning how interiors will look and feel as new construction to keeping a homes interior up to date as it matures, to staging for resale when life changes.

About Sunderland Designs

Decorating any home under the sun

Margaret Sunderland, Sunderland Designs' founder grew up in Sydney Australia and has lived in New York and Connecticut as well as Texas over the last three decades. She has a background in art and creative design which combined with her international travels has helped her to develop a unique style - one which is elegant and livable. A style that adds color, charm and fun to a families home. A style that can take advantage of her design pallet inter-blending Tuscan warmth, tropical colors and modern lines to give a home new beauty.

About Margaret

Margaret has always been attentive to our needs, desires and budget and has been very good
at working to bring each of these issues together beautifully. Margaret is very talented in
bringing our visions and expectations to fruition. As a result, we will continue to request
Margaret’s help in meeting our decorating needs as long as she will have us.